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IstanbulHair is a leader in providing affordable and high quality medical treatments by internationally certified surgeons. We are highly experienced and specialized in the areas of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments, hair transplantation, dental treatments and weight loss surgery. Our medical team has treated many patients from various countries such as United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and all over Europe.

Our clinics offer a comprehensive range of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures provided by a board-certified, English-speaking medical team. All the cosmetic goals of our patients can be achieved in our technological advanced, well-equipped facilities.

Our overall mission is to provide patients with safe, effective and natural-looking results.

You are all invited to this special world offered by IstanbulHair.

Hvem er vi?

Vi er et godt sammensatt faglig team med bred erfaring innen allmennmedisin og kosmetisk medisin. Vi holder til i flotte lokaler i Os sentrum, kun 30 minutter fra Bergen, og ønsker å levere topp service og kvalitet til en god pris. Vi tilbyr i tillegg legevakttjenester.

Vi har erfarne allmennleger, spesialister og teknikere innen flere medisinske fagfelt. Vi ønsker å tilby den beste kvaliteten til en god pris og samtidig være fleksibel, solid og kundeorientert. Vi hjelper deg med å ta gode valg for å ivareta din helse og dine livsstilsønsker. Vår klinikk er åpen for alle type pasienter; fra det akutte til det kosmetiske og vi tilbyr smertefri behandling.

Vi har mulighet for hjemmebesøk.


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Sapphire FUE-Hair Transplantation

Fue Hair Transplant by Sapphire Method  will be maximum graft.

Blood Test

Your blood tests will be done before operation.

PRP Treatment

After Hair Transplant we will do also PRP-Treatment for you

Post-op treatments

We will be always keep in touch after your operation


PRE Operational Instructions Before hair transplantation, please let us know about your medical issues and medications you use. If you have any health problems, please get a cons



After hair transplantation operation you will have a bandage on your donor part and a hairband around your forehead to avoid the swelling on your face. You will see small scabs in



Washing will help remove scabs and help with the healing process. We will reccomend you a shampoo and a lotion for hair wash procedure. 3 days after hair transplant operation you s